Challenges: Reverse Engineering

HanoiPub [484 points, 3 solves]

Welcome to the HanoiPub! To enter you will need to provide the bouncer the secret passphrase. Can you get it?

Hint: ATMega 328P

Download: hanoipub.tgz

Mail Downloader [509 points, 0 solves]

We found this program used to download mails, among the features:

  • Download new mails.
  • It "encrypts" the password used to login on mail server
  • It generates a password per-user.
The author ensured us that it is impossible to retrieve the original string used to generate the password. Can you retrieve it?

Download: maildownloader.tgz

Powder Toy CPU [500 points, 1 solve]

Why reverse a program when you can reverse a computer & CPU with custom ISA?

Update: Open me with

Download: powdertoy.tgz

Source code and author’s writeup: github, blog post

Kompreplicants [446 points, 8 solves]

Someone thinks it's safe to hide his data compressing it... I don't think so...

Download: kompreplicants.tgz

Pasticciotto [0 solves]

We found this executable and we think it must have something in common with the baddies' infrastructure. We would be glad to understand what data they are hiding from us...

Update: maybe the real architecture isn't x86_64...

nc 31337

Update: Updated client (and server)

Download: pasticciotto.tgz

Source code and author’s writeup: github, blog post